Dr. Christine Stephenson

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Christine Stephenson
Associate Veterinarian

Christine Stephenson took an unconventional path to her veterinary medicine degree. Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University, Christine enjoyed her challenging curriculum. She planned to become a researcher or enroll in medical school but changed her mind after shadowing or working for many medical doctors. Instead, Christine decided to enter the veterinary medicine field. She knows she made the right decision, as she loves the diverse patients and intriguing cases she encounters each week!

Born in Arlington, Texas, Christine spent her early years as a dog lover. When her family finally added a feline family member, Christine found that cats had their own distinctive appeal. During her high school years, Christine competed on the volleyball and track teams, sharing the experience with her sister. On many weekends, Christine would roll out her bicycle or lace up her rollerblades, always eager to be outdoors with her family.

After Christine graduated from high school, she immediately began working on her college degree. Christine had been drawn to the medical field for many years, as her mother worked as a veterinary practice accountant, and Christine had seen the inner workings of this animal-focused medical practice. In 2010, Christine received her Bachelor’s Degree and quickly entered veterinary school. During her summer breaks, she performed wide-ranging research work. Christine participated in an equine reproduction study and a Texas A&M lab-based study of gastrointestinal maladies.

In 2014, Christine graduated from veterinary school with a focus on mixed animal practice work. Shortly afterward, Christine joined Bridgeway Animal Clinic, where she likes getting to know her clients and patients in the exam rooms. Christine also enjoys surgical and orthopedic work, as a positive outcome can mean her furry patient enjoys a better quality of life. Dr. Stephenson now practices medicine at Bridgeway Animal Clinic, Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic, and Western Hills Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic!

Away from the hospital, Christine shares her life with her husband Malcolm, a fellow Texas A&M engineering student she met during an Australian study-abroad experience. Christine and Malcolm married after her first year of veterinary school, and Malcolm has been Christine’s biggest cheerleader during her shift to a veterinary medicine career. While Malcolm works as a mechanical engineer, he has acquired considerable veterinary medicine knowledge from helping Christine study for her exams.

Even today, Christine enjoys quite an active lifestyle, as she often runs, works out, and lifts weights with Malcolm. In good weather, the couple brings out their road bikes for an invigorating ride. Christine also loves SCUBA diving, a sport that she can enjoy to the fullest because she keeps herself in shape. Malcolm has encouraged Christine to take up bow hunting, but Christine is content to sit in the blinds and watch the wildlife around her.

This animal-friendly family has also welcomed two small tabby cats into their home. Bear and Longbow are littermates whom Christine fostered during veterinary school. Christine and Malcolm were taken with the charming little kittens, and these lucky felines have since become an important part of the couple’s family.


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