Dogs and cats may sustain injuries to their bones or spine that require specialized treatment. Aging also can cause problems with the bones or joints that make normal movement difficult for pets. Sometimes diseases affect the bones or joints, creating issues with mobility. At Lake Conroe Veterinarians in Montgomery, TX, we off orthopedic care to help pets maintain good physical function.

What Is Orthopedic Care for Pets?
Orthopedic care is a specialty that involves treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, and spine. This may involve care for injuries sustained in accidents, degeneration of the bones with aging, tendon tears, poor joint function and other problems. Treatment may involve medications, surgery and rehabilitative therapy to help pets move normally. Your vet will use physical examination, blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasound tests to determine the source of the problem and will discuss options for treatment that are suited for your pet’s needs.

Repair of Fractures
Cats and dogs may experience complex bone fractures from car accidents or other causes that require surgical procedures that fit together piece of bone with pins or other devices. Your vet in Montgomery can provide these surgeries and monitor your pet throughout the healing process for a successful outcome.

ACL Repairs
Dogs can develop tears in their ACL just as people do. This problem often results in very athletic animals that enjoy the vigorous activity. The animal may limp, refuse to use the leg or experience pain on movement. The TPLO procedure is used to stabilize the joint, so the animal can be active again, without pain and dysfunction.

Medial Patellar Luxation Repair
Some dogs develop instability in the kneecap, which causes it to slip out of position. The animal may limp or refuse to use the leg at all when this occurs. A medial patellar luxation repair procedure is available to stabilize the kneecap to prevent this problem.

Joint Surgery
Some animals may develop problems with their joints, due to hereditary problems or from normal aging. Your veterinarian in Montgomery TX can help with a number of treatment options to relieve pain and improve movement.

Make Lake Conroe Veterinarians Your Veterinarian in Montgomery for Pet Care

Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Kaaz and the team at Lake Conroe Veterinarians are committed to providing quality veterinary care for their patients in Montgomery, TX and surrounding areas. We offer exams, vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics, and emergency care, to maintain pet health. Call Lake Conroe Veterinarians today at (936)-582-4223 for an appointment to learn about the orthopedic treatments that can help your pet live a healthier, more active life.