Routine Exams

Importance of Routine Exams

A part of caring for a dog or cat is providing them with veterinary assistance throughout their life. It is extremely important to make appointments at Western Hills Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic to meet with our veterinarian in Montgomery on a yearly basis for comprehensive examinations. Here are some reasons why pet care needs to include visits to our establishment for routine checkups.

Importance of Routine Exams

Your Pet's History Is Kept

When you bring your dog or cat to our establishment for a checkup, our veterinarian will document their weight, temperature, and other vital statistics. These findings can be looked at during future appointments to see if there is a change that could indicate a medical difficulty. If numbers vary widely, our vet will be alerted to check for potential conditions so that they can be treated promptly and effectively. Keeping records of your pet's health will help to determine treatment options when the need arises.

Your Pet Will Receive Preventative Care

During routine examinations, preventative care tactics are taken to protect your pet against harmful conditions. Our veterinarian will discuss the importance of vaccinating your pet, providing it with a microchip, and having it spayed or neutered. Our practice also provides pets with parasite treatment and prevention medication to keep them comfortable.

Treatment for Ongoing Allergies

If your pet is suffering from an allergy, our vet will help determine the trigger causing reactions to occur. Medication is usually given to treat allergies. Your pet's skin, digestive system, or respiratory system suffers when an allergic reaction happens. Make sure to document any changes to your pet's routine to help determine triggers so that they can be avoided.

Problems Are Handled Quickly To Avoid Further Difficulties

When your pet is feeling under the weather, finding treatment for whatever is ailing them is usually conducted. A trip to our practice to meet with our veterinarian is best whenever you feel your pet is not acting normally. During a comprehensive examination, be sure to indicate any potential problems to our vet so that they can look over your pet's body in detail to determine the right course of treatment. Blood work may be conducted at this time.

Grooming Is Conducted To Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Many people fail to groom their pet, leading to the potential for dry skin, matted fur, and deterioration of teeth. Our vet will help with grooming during a comprehensive exam. Your pet's teeth will be checked in detail for any problems. Our vet will clean your pet's teeth, clip their nails or claws, and clean their ears as well.

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