During high school, Regina worked for a veterinarian in Tomball, Texas, and loved every minute of it. After attending college for business management and accounting, she began working at Western Hills in May of 2012 as the Office Manager, where she adores interacting with four-legged patients every day!

Regina does a bit of everything around the office: bookkeeping and accounting, customer service, reception, kennel help, human resources work, and the occasional dog catcher! She enjoys watching surgeries and seeing the recovery of the patient along with the relief on family members’ faces.

At home, Regina has a large animal family—five horses, four dogs, four house cats and three barn cats! In her spare time, Regina likes watching a good barrel race or bull ride, fishing, photography, and spending time in her garden. When it’s too hot to be outside, she enjoys painting, sewing, and being creative in any way she can.


Veterinary Technician

Mary’s family moved to Montgomery County when she was an infant, and she’s been here ever since. After bringing her own pet to Western Hills Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic, she was offered a position and enthusiastically accepted. Now she’s worked at Western Hills as a Veterinary Technician for over 17 years!

Mary says that a career in animal care just seemed like the natural thing for her to do—she’s always had a sensitive spot for animals, especially since they can’t speak for themselves. At the clinic, she works in every aspect, including the exam rooms, triage, nursing care, the lab, kennels, and even the reception area! She especially likes surgeries and fixing whatever has gone wrong.

When she’s not at the clinic, Mary can be found working in her yard, gardening, fishing, and spending time with her family. She has two dogs: Gidget, a little Chihuahua with the attitude of a diva princess, and Bailey, her excitable, always into something Labrador Retriever rescue puppy.


Veterinary Technician

Anne has felt a special bond with animals ever since she was a young girl. By working as a Veterinary Technician, she’s able to spend time with the pets she loves so much while ultimately bettering the lives of animal owners and their companions!

Anne is originally from Colorado. She began college as an education major but started to consider animal care after hearing fascinating stories from her cousin, who was training to become a veterinarian. Anne eventually secured a job at the clinic where her cousin worked, and before long she was hooked—she decided to change her major to animal science and become a veterinary professional herself! Anne completed her animal science degree in Louisiana, then moved to Texas to expand her career as a Veterinary Technician.

Here at the hospital, Anne is particularly fond of critical-care work and seeing puppies and kittens grow and mature over the years. Most of all, she loves forming lasting relationships with the area’s pet owners and their beloved animal friends.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Anne likes practicing building and landscape photography, spending time with her family, and enjoying the company of her American Bulldog, Cade.


Assistant Office Administrator

Courtney’s passion for rehabilitating animals has led to a satisfying career in the veterinary medicine field. Courtney has spent countless hours bottle feeding cats, goats, and sheep who needed regular nourishment to survive. She has also worked with equine rescue groups, giving neglected horses a second chance to thrive. After seeing animals’ lives changed through skilled, compassionate care, Courtney realized that a veterinary medicine career was the right choice for her. She wants to keep contributing to animals’ good health for many years to come!

Born in Kentucky, Courtney lived there and in Illinois until she was 15 years old when her family moved to Texas. After completing high school, Courtney became quite interested in the veterinary field. Courtney enrolled at Lone Star Community College in Tomball, Texas; and she soon earned her Certified Veterinary Assistant credential. Courtney then enrolled in the college’s Veterinary Technician program, working as a horse trainer while she learned essential veterinary care skills.

For the past ten years, Courtney has enjoyed working as a veterinary technician and manager. After previously working at Western Hills Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic, Courtney is happy to be back where she belongs. She loves educating clients about their pets’ health care, and she also delights in experiencing each client’s journey with their pet. Courtney feels a special appreciation for her coworkers, as they each play a major role in clients’ and patients’ positive experiences.

On occasion, Courtney finds herself in the exam rooms, where she thoroughly enjoys seeing the playful puppies and kittens who arrive for their new patient exams. Courtney also loves seeing the results of patients’ dental cleanings, as she knows those beloved pets will be much more comfortable and will have a better quality of life.

Away from the hospital, Courtney enjoys life with her husband, James, and their family. Courtney and James are active members of the nearby Lonestar Cowboy Church, which positively influences their life.

Courtney treasures her four stepchildren and daughter. Kade is a musician, in whom she is continually amazed by his ability to play several instruments, teach others to play, and write music. Tanner plays the guitar and is active in church while finishing school. Seth plays saxophone, guitar, football, and basketball while attending school in Montgomery. Jenna is into basketball, Girl Scouts, and swim team. Stephanie is learning gymnastics and loves to ride her pony in parades and looks forward to more adventuresome trail riding. When she is ready, they may go out with the local riding club, the Yeehaw Sisterhood, from time to time, like her mommy used to do.

Courtney and James have two much-loved equine family members. Rose, the family’s horse, is learning to trail ride. Courtney’s young daughter, Stephanie, loves to ride Jewel, her sweet pony.

Courtney’s household also includes two canine family members. Honey, the family’s rescued golden retriever/Chow Chow/coyote mix, serves as an intensely loyal companion and a formidable guard dog; and Zeus, their aging pug, has quite a repertoire of tricks, but also has an insatiable appetite for anything he sees…whether it’s food or not.

Both feline family members are also rescued pets. Biscuit, the family’s indoor cat, absolutely thrives on love and attention. On the other hand, Monk is definitely an outdoor cat who greatly enjoys his freedom. While Monk has no intention of living inside, he’s a smart kitty who enjoys a good meal and a scratch behind the ears when he does come home.


Veterinary Assistant

Maria was born and raised in Snow Hill, North Carolina. Her father worked at a hog farm and started taking her with him when she was four years old. It was this event that helped eventually bring her into the veterinary industry. “Growing around chickens, goats, horses, dogs, cats, and ducks made me more curious about how animals lived and saw a veterinarian come and visit every once in a while made me start thinking about that as a career.” When she was eight, she helped a mama goat give birth and even had to assist with positioning the baby for an easier birth! “That was the day I decided to go into the veterinary field.”

Maria went to school at the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and completed her schooling online to earn her Associate’s degree. Her passion is being in the lab!

Maria’s passion is her sons, Alonso and Isaac. She loves working with animals, but her favorite is farm animals as that’s what she grew up with!



Meet our amazing receptionist, Tracy! She was born in Montgomery and grew up on a farm with cows, horses, goats, and a donkey!

Tracy says she became interested in working in the veterinary field because of her daughter, “She loves animals more than she loves me.”

Tracy has been a country girl since birth, and this will be her first experience working with animals as a healthcare professional. She’s ready for something new and exciting!

In her role here, she’ll work at reception to make sure all visits to our clinic are happy visits!

She has two horses of her own – a paint horse (Bo) and an Arabian mix (Jace). She also has a dog that is one half American Bulldog and another unknown mix named Patches.

When she’s not at work, she loves to sing, trail ride, and spend time with her kids.



Meet our receptionist, Thea! She is the first face people see when they walk in the door, and she knows she must be friendly, personable, confident, calm, and have strong knowledge of the services we provide! Thea has a passion for animals and loves working in an environment with challenges.

Thea was raised around animals because her entire family lives on farms. Her mom also worked at a vet office! When she was younger, she spent some time on her uncle’s farm and bonded with the horses. One of the horses fell ill, and she watched as they made the hard decision to put the horse down. After that day, she knew she wanted to be a vet.

Moving forward, her mom continued to make animals a large part of Thea’s life, from clubs to school courses, seminars, her first job, and even horseback riding lessons.

Thea has a bright future in the veterinary industry.


Kennel Technician Assistant

Justus was born in Amarillo and lived there until moving to Houston in the 5th grade. Justus has always loved animals but decided to join the veterinary field after the family dog, Lilly, was attacked by a mountain lion or cougar. Watching the vet help Lilly recover from her injuries made Justus so happy and led to the inspiration to become a vet. This event has made Justus want to help other animals and be their voice.

As a kennel technician, Justus enjoys helping the doctor and assistants as well as feeding the animals. Justus is still in school and lives with parents, a brother, and a sister, as well as a cat named Zelda. Zelda is the nicest and clingiest cat you’ll ever meet!

Outside of working at Western Hills, Justus enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching baseball. A few years back, Justus caught a 6-foot-long water moccasin!