On-Call Radiologist

When it comes to diagnosing certain illnesses and injuries, it’s often necessary to examine our patients from the inside out. Radiology, or x-ray imaging, is a valuable tool that allows us to check a broad range of internal systems to identify any inconsistencies or abnormalities that may be present so that we may diagnose and address potential problems promptly. Western Hills Animal Medical & Surgical Center offers convenient on-call radiology services so that, should a situation arise where your fur baby requires an x-ray for a proper diagnosis; we can have a highly skilled, experienced radiologist come to us and conduct the necessary tests.

Radiology uses a painless, invisible beam called an x-ray to penetrate and target specific areas of the body and view what’s happening on the inside. The x-ray captures a picture and then transmits it back to a piece of film where it can be examined and interpreted by an experienced veterinarian. X-ray imaging can be used to evaluate the skeletal system as well as other internal systems, such as the heart, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and genitourinary systems.

Our on-call radiology services allow us to provide patients with complete health and diagnostic care without having to be referred to an outside clinic. Your fur baby can receive an evaluation right from our office, in an environment where he or she is familiar and comfortable, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your companion is receiving fast and efficient care for optimum results. It’s just another way that Western Hills provides for the complete and comprehensive care of our valued patients.


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